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Women’s Health and Rehabilitation Therapy Services

“Care Delivered by Women. Just For Women.”

Physical and Occupational Therapy
Specially designed treatment programs to help relieve and correct painful conditions and restore function. Some 
conditions include: postural problems, repetitive strain mobility, tendonitis, sports injuries, headache, and muscle 
spasms. Ultra-sound, electrical stimulation, manual therapy and hot and cold treatments are some techniques 

Prenatal Rehabilitation
Relief from back, shoulder blades, rib cage, groin or wrist pain that may be caused from changes in posture, weight,
or hormonal factors. Pregnant women are more susceptible to injury and these problems can persist after 

Aquatic Therapy
This is a therapy program performed in water. it is beneficial for patients with arthritis, fibromyalgia, lower back 
pain, post-operative kneed or hip replacement, or those who are overweight.

Incontinence Rehabilitation
Incontinence is the loss of bladder or bowel control resulting in involuntary loss of urine or stool. The 
implementation of an easy to perform and easy to maintain program, along with biofeedback, can help women 
with this condition.

Pelvic Pain Rehabilitation
Pelvic floor pain may be caused by muscle, tendon, joint, or nerve problems. Pain with intercourse, recurrent 
urinary tract infections, and other problems may be treated.

Osteoporosis Rehabilitation
Osteoporosis is a condition where bones become thin and brittle, and may break more easily. Therapy may include 
individual exercise designed to decrease fracture risk, increase bone mass, and minimize deformity. It may also 
include fitting of braces or orthotics and treatments designed to relieve pain.

Fibromyalgia Rehabilitation
Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition with persistent and widespread musculoskeletal pain, along with tender points. 
Treatments are focused on reducing pain, improving function and self-management skills.

Postpartum Rehabilitation
Healing and reconditioning exercises are provided for women after vaginal and cesarean birth. Individual care plans
are designed based on specific needs.

Lymphedema/Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
Lymphedema is a permanent swelling of a body part, typically an extremity, due to an abnormal accumulation of 
fluid. Lymphedema is most effectively treated by Complete Decongestive Physiotherapy. This consists of manual 
lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging and education.

Massage Therapy
Massage therapy can help improve and manage conditions such as: arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, joint pain, 
lower back pain, sciatica, pregnancy discomfort, osteoporosis, and more.