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Bluegrass Outpatient Center

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For 25 years Bluegrass Outpatient Center has provided Southcentral Kentucky
with comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation services. Our friendly and highly-skilled therapists are able to work with any rehabilitation need and help you get back to a normal

5 Reasons to Choose Bluegrass Outpatient Center for Your Rehabilitation
  1. We can work with any rehabilitation challenge to help you return to a normal life and restore your quality of life.
  2. Our therapists have advanced training and/or certification in areas such as Hand Therapy, Lymphedema Management, Vestibular (dizziness) Therapy, Manual Therapy and Women’s Health.
  3. We work closely with your doctor to make sure you get the best, comprehensive care specific to your needs.
  4. We provide a relaxed, friendly environment for your therapy and we make you feel comfortable and not rushed during your therapy sessions.
  5. All communication with your insurance is handled by our friendly office staff.

Are you looking for rehabilitation services or do you have an issue that you think would benefit from rehabilitation?
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