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Rehab & Massage Services

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Rehabilitation Services

Patients benefit from having access to the best technology, the latest rehabilitation therapies, and the combined knowledge of our highly-trained clinical staff. Choose one of the our facilities below that best meets your needs and get back to living your life after injury or surgery.

Orthopedics Plus Physical Therapy

Bluegrass Outpatient Center

Just For Women Physical Therapy and Wellness

The Medical Center at Bowling Green Rehabilitation Services

The Medical Center at Franklin Rehabilitation Services

The Medical Center at Scottsville Rehabilitation Services

Hartland Massage 

Hartland Massage offers a full menu of massage therapies—from massage for relaxation to massage for rehabilitation. At Hartland Massage, you can enjoy the benefits of a therapeutic massage including lower blood pressure, reduced stress, increased flexibility, reduced pain, and a stronger immune system. Hartland Massage is a division of Bluegrass Outpatient Center. Learn more.