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 Med Center Health is the regional leader in healthcare throughout Southcentral Kentucky. With an extensive portfolio of hospitals, healthcare services, and physician practices, Med Center Health is able to meet the diverse healthcare needs of the communities we serve. 

We are best known by our flagship hospital, The Medical Center at Bowling Green, which began serving Southcentral Kentucky as City Hospital in 1926. But our mission to care for people and improve quality of life extends well beyond The Medical Center to a diverse group of subsidiaries that meet the needs of individuals and businesses in this ever-changing healthcare landscape. 

As a not-for-profit healthcare system, we provide a benefit to the community that is greater than the taxes we would pay if we were a private, for-profit business. In fiscal year 2017, we provided $101 million in total benefits to our communities. But, the value of our benefit extends beyond the dollars. It is calculated by the health we restore, the lives we save and the hope we provide.