Business and Financial Services

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We offer employers innovative programs that provide high quality services to meet their company’s business needs. From occupational health services and managed care programs to billing and collection services, we help businesses with their unique needs.

Medical Center Urgentcare can help minimize lost workdays, decrease workers’ compensation claims and maintain a healthy and reliable workforce with a full range of occupational health and wellness services.

Center Care recognizes that the workforce is a company’s most valuable resource and helps employers provide the most appropriate benefits balanced with effective cost control. As a statewide network, Center Care offers comprehensive coverage and competitive discounts.

Commonwealth Financial Resources is a billing service for Med Center Health subsidiaries and offers convenient access to billing and financial services through its online Business Office.

Hillcrest Credit Agency is one of the largest collection agencies in Kentucky and has over 25 years of experience.  Servicing over 300,000 accounts representing over $65 million in accounts receivables, Hillcrest's professional services get results for its clients.