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Infectious Disease
Our practice provides specialized care for patients with serious or complicated infectious diseases. Infectious diseases may affect the sinuses, heart, brain, lungs, urinary tract, bowel, bones and pelvic organs. They can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. We can determine the tests needed to diagnose and understand the infectious disease and how to prevent recurrent infections. We also determine the type of treatment needed.

Travel Medicine
For patients who will be traveling at home or abroad, our practice provides travel medicine services. We provide pre-travel visits for appropriate vaccinations, medications and advice. Our providers stay up to date on travel advisories and requirements for travelers to all parts of the world. Our practice is certified as a Yellow Fever Vaccine Center by the Centers for Disease Control to acquire and administer this vaccine.

Epidemiology is the study and interventions involved in infections and their rise and fall. It encompasses isolation procedures for hospitals; interventions to stop the spread of infections; predictions and study of trends of infections; as well as advice to groups, healthcare facilities, or individuals to help decrease infections and resistant organisms. Dr. Shadowen serves as Hospital Epidemiologist for The Medical Center.

Clinical Research
Dr. Shadowen is active in clinical research and her interests include antimicrobial agents, bacterial and viral infections, antibiotic resistance, effective empiric antibiotic therapies and hospital epidemiology.