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Medical Center Orthopaedics

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Med Center Orthopaedics Care Team

Enjoy Life to Its Fullest!

Medical Center Orthopaedics provides complete care for patients who have bone and joint problems caused by disease, disorder or injury. Don’t let orthopaedic problems slow you down or change the way you move through life! Call our office today to schedule an appointment with fellowship-trained surgeons Dr. Desai, Dr. Badarudeen or Dr. Malempati or our newest Sports Medicine physician, Dr. DeBusk.

To schedule an appointment, call 270-780-2750.

Are you suffering from hip or knee joint pain? Register for an upcoming free joint pain seminar today!

Are you suffering from pain, numbness, tingling or weakness in the hand, wrist, arm or elbow? Register for our free hand and elbow pain seminar.

Non-emergency sports injury? Try our new Walk-in Clinic - no appointment needed!


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