Physician Practices

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Med Center Health employs a variety of physician practices to provide specialized care to residents of Southcentral Kentucky. 

ENT of Bowling Green provides adult and pediatric medical and surgical care of ear, nose and throat disorders. Dr. Hugh Sims, Dr. Brad Morris and Dr. Andrew Ebelhar lead the team at ENT of Bowling Green. Call (270) 782-7768.  

Our General Surgery practices provide a full range of general surgery services by highly-skilled surgeons. Med Center Health General Surgery (Dr. Jason Nielsen, Dr. Sara Soule and Dr. Daniel Davis) and Med Center Health Surgical Specialists (Dr. Tracy G. Cross) allow you to stay close to home for your surgical needs.

Infectious Disease and Travel Medicine Specialists is led by Dr. Rebecca Shadowen, Dr. Iass El Lakkis and Dr. Patricia Watson, board certified physicians who diagnose and manage infections throughout the body and specialize in travel medicine. Call (270) 780-2760.

Medical Center Heart Institute features the area's only cardiothoracic surgery program with Dr. Randy Carter and Dr. Paul Moore and a vascular surgery program with Dr. Michael Byrne, Dr. Don Brown, Dr. Shane O'Keeffe and Dr. Chen Rubinstein. Call (270) 796-3330.

Medical Center Hematology & Oncology expands the availability of cancer specialists in Southcentral Kentucky with the addition of Dr. Rishi Agarwal. Call 270-796-2557.

Medical Center Neuroscience Services cares for patients with disorders related to the brain and nervous system with expertise of Dr. Narendra Nathoo and Dr. Clark Bernard. Call (270) 780-2660.

Medical Center Orthopaedics opened in affiliation with UK HealthCare Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine to expand availability of orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists in Southcentral Kentucky. Dr. Rasesh Desai, Dr. Sameer Badarudeen, Dr. Chaitu Malempati and Dr. Abigail DeBusk diagnose and treat patients with diseases, injuries and conditions of the musculoskeletal system including muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Call (270) 780-2750.

Medical Center Primary Care and Dr. Mabel Alvarez,  Dr. Rima Desai, Dr. Maya T. Khoukaz and Dr. Suman Shekar provide comprehensive internal medicine services for adults and children. Call (270) 901-0629.

Medical Center Psychiatry (formerly Psychiatric Associates of Bowling Green) is a department of The Medical Center that provides adult and child & adolescent psychiatry services in a private, outpatient setting with Dr. Arvinder Chani, Dr. J. Grayson Grau, Dr. Sasa Strunjas, Dr. Shawn Brown and Dr. Fred Kinnicutt. Call (270) 843-5103 for adult psychiatry or (270) 796-2540 for child & adolescent psychiatry. 

The Medical Center Surgical Weight Loss Program treats obesity and helps people achieve success with their weight loss. Dr. O. Raphael Nwanguma provides minimally-invasive weight loss surgery as part of a comprehensive program that addresses nutritional, emotional and behavioral aspects of a weight loss strategy. Call (270) 796-6333.

Women’s Health Specialists, an obstetrics and gynecology practice, cares for the unique healthcare needs of women. Dr. Jeffery Nemec, Dr. Deborah Kasica, Dr. Devin Trevor, Dr. Manmeet Sandhu, Dr. Karen Lyons and Dr. Stephanie DeAngelis provide a full range of services from routine healthcare to surgical treatment and in-office procedures. Call (270) 781-0075 or Toll Free 1-866-997-5784.